Tuning Boxes

What is a Tuning Box?

A Tuning Box is an alternative to remapping, it provides an un-traceable and fully removable solution with results similar to remapping. The Box essentially acts as a piggy back to the standard ECU whcih stays in place and untouched, it takes over the control of certain parameters or in some cases just fools the ECU into reacting differently to certain sensors or signals from the engine. Depending on the level of the Box the number of parameters that can be utilised and therefore the potential gain possible changes. For example some of the boxes we sell for the same vehicle will take over boost control, whereas we also offer a box which won’t for cheaper, but this box won’t be able to unlock as much peformance. All the boxes we sell have built in controls to change the map in place “on the go” so they offer the ability to be tailored to your preference in the same way an ECU map does.

There are benefits to Tuning Boxes and downsides when compared to remapping, the main benefits are as above they are un-detectable and can be removed at any time leaving no trace. The standard ECU doesn’t have to be touched so there no effect on warranty, and no risk of damage. However a remap has the ability to control all the parameters available within the ECU, and therefore more flexibility and options available.

Our Autotech Tuning Boxes

We have our own range of Autotech multichannel tuning boxes.

Our units are tested on a wide variety of vehicles and every unit is developed and rigorously tested for the application it was designed for. Our tuning boxes are all digital microprocessor based and are designed to give smooth, useable power increases. They don’t cause the car to pour smoke, go into limp home mode, or overstress the engine to the point at which you risk damaging components. The default map provided on our tuning boxes increases torque without increasing maximum fuel pressure, protecting your fuel system from additional wear. 

Tuning box options

We provide detailed fitting instructions for every application we sell a product for and all of our products carry a 28 day money back guarantee, so you can purchase with confidence knowing that if our products do not perform to your liking, then you can send them straight back for a full refund.

Autotech Tuning boxes have some benefits over remapping –

The ability to be easily removable from the vehicle and the ability to be easily transferred to another vehicle if required

They have no impact on your factory warranty, so are perfect for newer vehicles where tampering with the ECU is a concern, theres no fault codes or warranty flags activated in the ECU as the box acts as essentially a whole new ECU just taking over certain engine control parameters from the ECU.

There are no downsides to having a tuning box, and with Autotech boxes in most cases you will get performance gains equal to Autotechs remaps.

Our boxes come in 3 different levels to offer different performance gains –

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