our Dyno / Rolling road

what is a dyno?

A dynamometer, or “dyno” for short is a mechanical device that measures force, torque. Measuring this at the same time as the rotational speed means the power (WHP or kW) can be calculated instantaneously and in realtime. Our dyno will also measure the drivetrain losses on a vehicle, allowing calculation of the more commonly stated BHP figure which is the power generated at the crank or engine output.

Our In house Dyno

Our In house dyno is the versatile and sothisticated Dyno Developments 2WD system. Allowing us to test upto 1200HP! We have a brand new Dyno / rolling road testing cell,  with new fresh air feed and extraction systems in place. We aim to supply you with the best and most accurate power reading results possible.

This Eddy brake dyno also allows us to measure all relevant engine parameters while testing, allowing live engine tuning/mapping, and safety + reliebilty testing our engine tunes.

The range of vehicles we can test on our Dyno Developments 2WD Dyno:

– Front Wheel Drive vehicles
– Rear Wheel Drive vehicles
– 4WD/AWD vehicles with selectable single axle drive
– Haldex (or similar) Equipped Quattro / 4 Motion cars
– Go Karts

Dyno service Pricing

Power runs

Discounted before and after power runs with our remapping

2-3 pulls from £50

club dyno days

Please get in touch with us for more information about Dyno day arrangements

2 pulls £30

additional pulls £10

Dyno Hire

Including operator

4HRS £300

8HRS £500

Let’s talk about how we can help

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