Improved Remap and Engine Carbon clean offer

Happy New Year to all our customers! To start off the year we are happy to be extending our Engine Remap and Carbon Detox deal again! So an Engine Carbon Clean is half price when carried out alongside any engine remap. Price guide- Full price Engine Carbon Detox = £80 (BS area mobile service included, may be subject to mobile service fee outside this area) OBD Remap and Engine Carbon Detox = £240 Tricore/Protected ECU Remap and Engine Carbon Detox = £315 For an exact quote please call, message or email us your vehicle details. Why should I get a Carbon Detox Service for my Vehicle? If you think your vehicle is not performing optimally, but don’t have any obvious faults, it could just be due to carbon deposits built up over time. A Carbon Detox using our cleaning system will remove as many deposits as possible in order to try and restore engine performance. What are the symptoms of carbon build up? – Drivability issues, engine not running smoothly – Engine vibration or shaking – Car jerking or surging at stops – Check engine light may be on – Cold start misfires – Trouble starting engine – Smoking from exhaust under load, or on cold start If you have any of these issues, contact us for advice, Please note we won’t run a Carbon Detox if an engine has an serious existing fault. Diagnostics will be run initially on all vehicles to determine if this is the case.

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