ECU Remap… or Tuning Box?

How remapping works?

An ECU reflash or remap works by altering the software inside the ECU – a vehicle’s on board computer that’s responsible for controlling vital engine functions including ignition timing, fuelling and boost pressure. When manufacturers make vehicles, they err firmly on the side of caution when it comes to the stock ECU settings. As part of this, they artificially restrict the performance of the car to protect the engine from owner neglect (e.g. using poor quality fuel/leaving too long between services), or to ensure that the vehicle fits into certain categories (for the company car market) By optimising these settings and fine-tuning the software within certain safety parameters via a remap, you can significantly the improve engine power, efficiency or a combination of the two without compromising on durability or lifespan. For further information about ECU remapping, how it works and its benefits, checkout our ECU Remapping page, or just give us a call to discuss in more detail.

How a Tuning Box works?

Tuning boxes work in a different way – essentially overruling the ECU and manipulating it into increasing engine performance. Fitted between the engine sensors and the actuator, a tuning box sits down the line from the ECU, and alters the data that the ECU receives and sends to the engine. This means no tampering with the ECU hardware or software is necessary and once the box is removed from the vehicle, nobody would ever know it had been fitted! The above is the only real benefit that a tuning box has over an ECU Remap, and give it the advantage on Brand new cars where warranty is a concern. Performance, economy and price – which is better? In practice, although not always, you’re likely to achieve better results in terms of performance and fuel economy from a good quality remap than you are from even the most advanced tuning box.

We generally recommend that an ECU remap is the right choice for the vast majority of customers. The only time we would recommend a tuning box over a remap is on older vehicles (pre-2000) where you can’t alter the software on the ECU without physically removing it from the vehicle, or on brand new vehicles where the manufacturer warranty is in place, and the customer would rather maintain this warranty. The right remap It’s important to remember that not all ECU remapping services work in the same way, and choosing the right kind of remap will make a huge difference. At Autotech we only use map files that have been developed on a rolling road, and undergone extensive testing in real world conditions, before being released.

How Autotech Tuning can help

At Autotech, our friendly, experienced files teams specialise in providing tailored remapping for a full range of petrol and diesel vehicles, including naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines. With maps developed on a high tech rolling road, we can help you make the most out of your vehicle, boosting performance and economy to meet your individual requirements. Just give us a ring for advice, we are always happy to help.

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