Dangers of Remapping

In order to make your vehicle more drivable, you should modify it by undergoing a process called “ECU (Engine Control Unit) Remapping”. This is done by updating your engine ECU with the latest/revised software. There is no need to change any of the vehicle’s hardware because all it takes is the connection between our tools and either the OBD2 port or direct connection to the ECU. Maps will be downloaded from your ECU, the remapping will take place on those maps….. once we’re happy then it will be uploaded back to the ECU to overwrite the original map (we always keep a copy of the original map that was saved in case it is ever needed) So you might ask if there are any dangers in remapping, the answer is simple there are risks with anything, but the concerns are managed within a tolerance of control. The entire remapping process won’t damage your car in theory if the correct amount of care is taken as with all professional works. So, what’s dangerous? Dangers of Remapping There is no doubt that the remapping market is saturated with all sorts of companies offering “the best remap in-the-world”.

It is very hard to differentiate between the good,bad and downright ugly, so here are our top tips to help you make the right choice.

1. Don’t buy cheap Everyone generally spends as much as they can afford on their car, so be it £5,000 or £50,000, it is a valuable asset and often their pride and joy. Anyone can sell on price, but ask yourself the simple question. “Are you prepared to risk a poor quality, potentially dangerous modification for the sake of a few £’s”.

2. Backup What sort of outfit are they? Are they agents for a substantial national business like us, or just working on their own? What sort of pedigree and reputation do they have? Is there any warranty?

3. Website – Pretty websites often hide a multitude of sins, often they are easy to spot with unfinished content, lots of irrelevant supercar pictures, etc. Its incredible to see how many remapper’s falsely claim to write their own tuning files, where there is actually no shame in sourcing them from a quality tuner like we do, we have no shame in doing this, it may mean our margins are less than others but if it gets the customer a better quality map then its worthwhile.

4. Social Media Check out other tuners on Facebook, see their local feedback etc. We keep record of most of our previous works on social media so youcan see what we’re upto to, have a browse through what we do.

5. Checkout feedback and reviews Genuine reviews are now a way of life for making purchases. Proper companies ensure that their customers have a way to report feedback, be it good or bad. See our great feedback on google here If you are ever unsure we are always happy to provide free advice and support on any services you may be looking at and more details on any potential risks involved, we will also be totally honest when it comes to comparing our service with other companies.

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