Stage 1 Remap OBD2 Fully data loged for a full custome calibration to your car



Our ECU Remapping service focuses just as much on reliability and driveability as it does on performance gains. Autotech’s remaps are tailored to your vehicle and also your preference, all our remaps are rolling road developed and tested. Whether you want a more economical map for that few extra mpg, or to get the most power possible we can help. Always with you and your vehicles safety and longevity in mind.

A stage 1 tune means taking the factory settings and maps and recalibrating them to higher set limits whilst still keeping within the standard parts tolerance.

Stage 1 tuning can unlock around 30% more BHP and torque in most vehicle or even more in some cases!

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Importance of Data Logging for Tuning.


Every good tuner will know the importance of data logging, yet not all of them will do their best to base their tuning projects on thorough data logs. It is possible to tune a car without data logging, that is true, but that would be like saying it is possible to translate a paper to a language you don’t know very well. It can be done up to a point, but it is going to include a lot of guessing and it is not going to be very good. And as the paper gets more complicated, the importance of knowing the language well increases. In the world of tuning, the ‘more complicated’ comes with higher tuning stages, so for a good stage 3 tuning project, precise data logging becomes paramount.

With this mindset, we have always tried to get data logs for our tuning projects. After a few decades of doing this, we have a remarkable database of tuning files that are based on precise data logs. We also have a lot of experience with fixing ECU files developed by other tuners through proper use of information gathered from data logging.

Moreover, even for the files that we develop from scratch, a good data log is very important. It gives us the information that is necessary in order to develop a tuning file that makes the absolute most of any engine and stock or aftermarket part without ever going past any safety level.

In short, good data logging lets us develop a tuning file that provides the most power without risking anything as it removes any need for (un)educated guessing. That alone should be enough to tell you how important data logging is, but there is more.

This is why we decided to make this blog post. Educating our customers on this matter will make our job a lot easier and also provide our customers with the best service for the car owners who put their trust into their hands.

What Is Data Logging in Tuning

In short, data logging is a way for us to see what the ECU was reading from all the systems throughout a particular RPM range. This progressive nature of a good data log is very important. For example, if you have just the information about your maximum boost, or ignition correction it will be next to useless.

The reason for this is that this kind of information is, of course, important, but it gets its real value in only context. And that context includes other information from the same data log. It will tell us when a certain ignition correction occurred, why it is so and if and how it can be changed to improve performance without questioning safety and reliability.

Data logging is basically a precise set of information given within a specific context that lets a tuner see all the important aspects that are necessary to create an efficient and reliable ECU tune. Such precise information and the context that surrounds it allows good tuners to get really close to the limits of components without ever crossing it, so a good data log is the best way to get the most power in the safest way.

Having in mind all this, it is no wonder data logging is a must for custom projects such as Stage 3 upgrades and race car builds. We also prefer it for any kind of tuning, so, as we have said, the vast majority of our tuning files are based on data logs.

Of course, if you need our help with any step of the way, you can contact us directly .

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