Stage 1 Remap Bench ECU Removal to carry out calibration



Our ECU Remapping service focuses just as much on reliability and driveability as it does on performance gains. Autotech’s remaps are tailored to your vehicle and also your preference, all our remaps are rolling road developed and tested. Whether you want a more economical map for that few extra mpg, or to get the most power possible we can help. Always with you and your vehicles safety and longevity in mind.

A stage 1 tune means taking the factory settings and maps and recalibrating them to higher set limits whilst still keeping within the standard parts tolerance.

Stage 1 tuning can unlock around 30% more BHP and torque in most vehicle or even more in some cases!

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Please get in touch if you would like any further information on our tuning options, or if what you require is not listed here.

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