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Powergate 4 with Level 1 Engine Tune VW Transporter 2.0L tdi



Powergate 4 with Level 1 Engine Tune  VW Transporter 2.0L tdi

Unlock your vehicle’s performance
Full customization whenever and wherever you want.
Customizing performance with a simple touch on your
smartphone? It’s not science fiction; it’s Powergate:
the innovative solution for improving your vehicle’s
performance or reducing fuel consumption directly
from your smartphone through the Powergate App
for Android, iOS, and EMUI (Huawei).
Powergate allows you to work via OBD on a single
vehicle chosen from a wide range of supported
models, sharing the same protocols as KESS3,
using both an internet connection for the Cloud
and Bluetooth for communication with your
smartphone. This advanced technology ensures
smooth and secure communication between the
device and the vehicle at all times.
With Powergate, living the experience of a real
professional is within everyone’s reach.


With Powergate, the User
can modify their vehicle’s
control unit up to 4 different
configurations created
according to their chosen
specifications, plus the
original file, which allows
them to revert the vehicle to
factory settings at any time. It
can be done with a single tap
on their smartphone.
Remotely upload your
modified files directly from
the dedicated section in the
Powergate Dashboard and
unlock the potential of
every vehicle.
Becoming a Powergate
Manager gets you to grow your
business and enhance your
Users’ passion for your tuning

The Powergate App.
The Powergate App is the
application designed to use
Powergate directly from your
smartphone. It is extremely
intuitive and accessible on Google
Play, App Store, and Huawei
Its main goal is to simplify the
procedure for Users as much as
possible, from initial registration
to association with the tool, up to

After downloading the app, Users are immediately
introduced into the Powergate world.
Just create a profile with your ALIEN_id to
associate the tool with your smartphone and start a
reprogramming session.
In addition to guided control of operations, the
Powergate app also offers a dedicated User section
where you can customize your settings, such as
language or profile details.
Additionally, remote support is always available,
ensuring Users never feel alone.



Installation and Registration by the End User:

Customers can easily download the Powergate app, connect the device to the vehicle, and register it, creating a unique link that ensures a simple and direct procedure.

ID and Reading Operations:

This critical phase sees Powergate exclusively associating with the customer’s vehicle, ensuring that the device is customised for that specific vehicle until a cancellation credit is purchased if necessary.

Supply of Modified Files:

We offer two methods for supplying files: direct creation of tailor-made files responding to specific customer requests, or access to a pre-configured file database for efficient and fast tuning.

Writing the Modified File:

With the modified file available, the end user can complete the tuning with a few simple steps through the app’s intuitive user interface.


This tool can only read/write encrypted slave files to be managed by the linked master.

This device will be VIN LOCKED to a single vehicle on first use.

Included with the Powergate 4 is a standard 16 pin OBD2 cable and protocols for CARS only.

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