Jaguar Land Rover uprated performance upper supercharger pulley for 4.2 V8 supercharged




about this product

For the Jaguar Landrover supercharged 4.2 engine.

This pulley replaces the standard one, it is much smaller in diameter, thus spinning the supercharger faster and creating more supercharger boost and engine power.

Supercharger snout will require carefully measuring and grinding/sanding down to allow the new smaller pulley to fit over.

The pulley is precision made from high grade aluminium.

It meshed with the drive belt perfectly to ensure no belt slippage unlike some pulleys on the market.

It is also a very tight fit on the supercharger shaft.

We have seen other pulleys available on the market fall off the supercharger shaft, this will not happen if installed correctly: To install requires heating and shrinking on the supercharger shaft, or, installing using a hydraulic press.

Should be installed by a professional / competent person in doing so.

Please contact our workshop via the enquiry form at the bottom of the homepage should you require our installation service.

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