DPF & EGR Solutions

What is a DPF?

The DPF or Diesel Particulate Filter is a filter fitted to diesel vehicles exhaust systems past 2009 under new ‘Euro 5’ standards that were introduced in an aim to reduce pollution. Unfortunately with vehicles that are not driven on long journeys often, the DPF can cause major issues as they don’t have a chance to regenerate and can block up if active regeneration instructed by the ECU doesn’t complete fully.

A warning light related to the DPF can be scary, as replacing the DPF can be very costly, and if your driving style doesn’t change you are likely to get problems again not to long after. We have alternative solutions which not only will fix the problem for good, but also give your vehicle a new burst of life when topped off with an Autotech map.

What is an EGR Valve?

The EGR valve or Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve is also fitted with the aim of reducing emissions but if it is not kept clean can cause running issues and warning lights. This is because it carries Gases from the exhaust manifold back into the intake manifold whenever it is instructed to by the ECU, or on older vehicles just under certain running conditions. This means soot from the exhaust can and will build up, causing the valve to block up naturally which will cause warning lights or if left can cause the valve to stick open which will cause running issues.

EGR valve replacement is not as costly as DPF replacement but can be hassle and is a messy job, and similarly to the DPF is likely just to cause problems again in the future…why not just get rid of it. We often recommend on certain vehicles an EGR delete to compliment our remap anyway as it boosts throttle response and gets the vehicle in good health to make the most of all the new found power.

What can Autotech do?

Working with companies local to you we are now able to offer a DPF removal service. DPF removal and EGR block off is the best solution to most issues with your DPF or EGR valve. It is more cost effective than replacement and provides benefits at the same time, such as smoother running and improved power, especially when combined with one of our remaps on Turbo diesel vehicles.

Unlike some companies we wont fit DPF bypass pipes that can easily be spotted during an MOT test. Instead we make sure the DPF section of your exhaust is returned to as near to stock look as possible. We must stress though that a vehicle with DPF removed is classed as not fit for use on public roads, and therefore we advice for off-road use only.

We do this by cutting a small window in the housing and removing the filter through that window before proceeding to repair it by welding the original section of metal back into place. The software in the ECU is then modified to prevent the vehicles computer looking for the filter and causing errors or unnecessarily regenerating the DPF.

In the case of EGR valve issues, depending on whether the valve is mechanically or electrically actuated, the best solution is normally to remove and block off the valve or in the case of electrical actuation using software on the ECU we can tell the valve to remain permanently closed to prevent issues occurring again.

Either of these processes combined with a remap on your Turbo charged desel vehicle will result in an absolute transformation. With massive improvements including-

  • Increased horsepower
  • Increased torque
  • Better throttle response
  • Smoother power delivery
  • Improved fuel economy

Our Reg checker might not tell you but we can offer DPF and EGR failure solutions for most vehicles

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